SIP Trunk (VOIP)

Improve call quality while reducing costs

Telviva SIP Trunk is a voice termination service that enables customers with an on-site PBX to enjoy the benefits of VoIP and take the first step on their Cloud Communications journey.

  • Access to South Africa's largest free call community
  • High quality, managed, engineered and monitored VOIPConnect(™) access link
  • World-class managed service backed by extensive local and remote support

VoIP Systems at a Low Monthly Cost

VoIP is fast becoming the International standard for high quality voice. If your business has a site based PBX strategy, then adding the Telviva VoIP trunk service will increase your capacity, lower your costs, and give you access to a wide range of powerful features.

Why Telviva VoIP Business Telephone Systems

  • Are you paying more than 60c/min for a cellphone call?
  • Does your current provider offer you free calls to your branches and all their other customers?
  • How easily can you expand your capacity if you needed more lines in a hurry?
  • How would you monitor potential phone abuse?

  • The Telviva VoIP trunking service will reduce your telecommunications costs. With competitive per second rates to all destinations, and free inter-company and free inter-community calls, Telviva allows your business to communicate at a fraction of the cost of PSTN or mobile calls. Your company can also phone internationally* for less than the cost of a local call.* EU, Asia, Pacific, BRICS, North America. Some exclusions apply

    What Is VoIP?

    How does VoIP work?

    Why should my business consider using VoIP?

    The number one reason businesses switch to VoIP for their business telephone systems is significant cost saving. A VoIP system can start saving your business money from the day it is installed. But you’ll find that VoIP has many other advantages. We’ve outlined some of the top VoIP features to keep in mind when considering VoIP.

    • Crystal clear voice 

    VoIp uses your internet connection for phone calls. This may create concern that if your internet is being used heavily by your employees, your phone calls will be compromised. But that’s not the case.

    With a VoIP business telephone service, your service provider can engineer a private partition on your fibre internet line that is 100% dedicated to voice. So even if your employees are using the internet heavily, you will never run out of bandwidth for making or receiving telephone calls. This clear link with your internet service provider ensures that your phone call quality is always of a high standard. Quality standards are consistently monitored electronically, so you can be sure of clear, high quality phone calls.

    • Reduced costs

    Of course, most businesses explore VoIP for the significant cost savings. Using a VoIP service significantly lowers rates of phone calls, making it much cheaper than landline calls.

    You also save costs internally, as a VoIP provider can offer free calls to your branches or other offices. And the cost of international calls are also reduced, as the calls are made over the internet.

    As with any service, it makes sense to shop around. A good VoIP provider will offer true per second billing with no hidden costs and no underlying contracts. Ideally, you’ll also want to find a provider who is an expert in IP technology and cloud-based applications so that your VoIP system can seamlessly integrate with your other communication and cloud solutions.

    Essentially, a VoIP service provides telecommunication at a fraction of the cost of PSTN or mobile calls.

    • More flexibility and portability

    A landline telephone service requires physical copper wires to connect your phone with an exchange. But using VoIP, all you need is an Internet connection and a handset.

    You can move your phone around at any time. If your company employs hotdesking, employees can simply take their phones with them. A VoIP system is also perfect for employees who telecommute or spend lots of time at other locations other than your office. They can simply take their VoIP handset with them and receive calls wherever they set up office for the day.

    If you’re moving your offices, you won’t have to wait for technicians to install or upgrade copper lines in your new premises. What’s more, you can retain your phone number without incurring extra charges. So, you just pick the phones up at the one end, and move them to the other.

    • Improved productivity

    As a business owner, you can also keep a close eye on how much time employees are spending on the phone and receive alerts for long or expensive calls.

    VoIp offers better control over who your employees are contacting. You can whitelist and blacklist certain numbers, bill customers for certain phone calls and set call limits and budgets.

    • Easy to scale
    Your VoIP telephone service can be scaled according to your needs. You can add new components and upgrade the software to include new features. If your business is growing and you need more lines in a hurry, scaling up is quick, easy and stress free.

    How Has VoIP Improved Over The Years?

    Telviva VoIP Components

    What equipment, network, and connectivity is compatible with Telviva?

    Choose your preferred device from leading handsets, smartphones, PCs or tablets. Then let the connectivity team at Telviva help source the best last-mile link available in your area, giving you high quality access to the Telviva cloud.

    All the components fit together to assemble a voice solution.

    Telviva handles the network design, availability checks, ordering and management of these networks. This is how we ensure that our clients receive the best price, and the best quality of service for their communication requirements. Using a circuit that was not ordered by Telviva is not recommended.

    Telviva VoIP Features

    Reduce your telephony costs with optimised-rate call routing

    Prevent Potential Call Abuse
    Get alerts for long or expensive calls, telephones lines not registered, calls to predetermined destinations and for exceeding maximum available concurrent calls

    Call Forwarding Options
    Always, when unavailable, busy or unanswered calls are forwarded to a selected number/extension of your choice

    Caller Line ID
    Caller line ID on incoming and outgoing calls (With options to withhold caller ID on outgoing calls)

    Real Time Monitoring
     An extensive real-time wallboard is available for projectors/large screens.

    Industry open standards protocol

    On-net inter-branch calling

    Real-Time Cost Per Outbound Call Information
    TELVIVA gives smaller businesses access to a wide range of telephony features that were previously only available to larger businesses with big budgets.

    Pure Per Second Billing
    No hidden costs, no underlying contracts.

    First Line Fraud Prevention
    No technical knowledge is required to administer your TELVIVA IP PBX. Call management, moves, changes, adds, billing and reporting can be handled from an intuitive web interface.

    One or Multiple Telephone Numbers For Incoming Calls
    087 or geographic number allocation (more available on application). Number porting of existing geographic numbers.

    Telviva Integrates with Leading Communication Brands:

    VoIP Business Telephone System