Enjoy better quality conversations with an intelligent platform that keeps your workforce mobile, enhances productivity and gives you complete control of all communications expenses in one place. Seamlessly integrate mobile and fixed line voice, video and chat.


Excellent voice quality

High definition voice comes standard. Ensure an excellent experience for all your cloud-based services with network access from leading providers at market related prices.

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Supports remote working

Access the service from your laptop, mobile and/or desk phone. Choose from top global brands like Yealink, Jabra, Sennheiser, Polycom and Snom for headsets, desk, conference and reception IP phones as required.


User friendly portal

Users enjoy an intuitive online portal. One destination for all your voice, video, chat and contact management. Includes a webphone application with basic call handling, voicemail, call history and DND management.

Cloud business phone features


Call recording

Telviva call recording is a cost effective cloud-based solution that enables you to record and store calls for quality assurance, staff training, dispute resolution or security reasons. Incurs additional costs for recording and storage.

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Multi-level IVRS

Messages for various options can be uploaded via the web interface – e.g. ‘One for sales, two for support…’ Remote changes can also be made through dialling into the IVR admin access number.



Hold conference calls with crystal clear quality at permanent or specified times. Specify the number of participants, assign PINs and notify participants when conferences start.

Telviva automatically routes your calls in the most cost-optimal way, via PSTN, GSM or VoIP.

Proactive warnings can be set to alert you about long or expensive calls, telephones lines not registered, calls to destinations (alerts on potential call abuse) and when the maximum concurrent calls limit is exceeded.

This is a unique feature where called parties are asked if they wish to accept calls. Callers can be asked to record their names, and their caller ID or call flow-specific message can be played.

These indicate a busy status of other extensions, useful for PAs and receptionists using phones that facilitate multiple lines.

Classes on outbound calls can be defined down to an individual number. Calls not allowed can be redirected to a remote access account allowing PIN access control of calls.

Can be set to ‘always’, ‘when unavailable’, ‘busy’ or ‘when unanswered’.

Available on incoming and outgoing calls, with the option to withhold caller ID on outgoing calls.

Return a call from authenticated incoming caller IDs.

Create short dial codes for many of the features of your PBX.

Includes auto-answer on compatible SIP telephones (works with SNOM IP phones).

Set up parallel, serial and circular hunt groups. Hunt groups can call telephones (extensions) and external numbers. Hunt groups include many ‘find me/follow me’ features.

Our team of internationally acclaimed software engineers constantly refines and upgrades the Telviva platform. These improvements are available free of charge to our customers.

Individual phones or groups of phones can be answered with pickup codes.

Calls can be routed by date and time of day for up to 20 years in advance, and can be any combination of times, days of the week, days of the month, months, and years.

Useful features include external access, email notification, web access to messages, and multiple greetings, which can be uploaded and downloaded on the web interface. Notification via a message waiting indicator, email and outbound calling.

A telephone line can be logged in on top of a physical telephone to change its settings. Virtual telephones can move between physical telephones for a hot-desk environment.

When not available, numbers can be forwarded to SIP phones (extensions) or voicemail. One 087 or geographic number can be allocated. For Direct Inward Dialling (DID) to extensions, more numbers can be allocated as required.

Telviva easily integrates with your other business systems with no lock-ins. Choose your preferred network and voice termination providers and handsets. This vendor-agnostic approach lets you choose the most cost-effective option available.

Port your existing geographic numbers from other providers. Additional costs associated with porting numbers are covered by the number activation cost.

Call logs can be viewed on the web and downloaded to a spreadsheet. Call detail records (CDRs) include real time call costs. Regular users can view their individual call history, while overall records are visible only to administrators.

Can be shared speed dials or set up per extension.

Receive automatic notifications when balances drop below a set amount. Requests for top-ups can be set to trigger when this happens.

Access your business extension to make and receive calls wherever you are with the free Telviva mobile application for iOS and Android. Leverage platform features including call recording, conference calls and call transfers.

Access your business extension to make and receive calls from your web browser. Leverage platform features including call recording, conference calls and call transfers.

From R950 for 4 users with unlimited local calls

We have a range of packages to suit different business needs.

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Bird’s eye view of communication costs

Get powerful reporting capabilities with Telviva Clarity. Track usage, costs, invoices, trends and contract info for all communication vendors at a small additional cost, including fixed line voice, data, mobile voice, mobile data and APN management.

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Turn MS Teams into an office phone system

Make, receive and transfer phone calls directly in Microsoft Teams with Telviva’s voice services. Talk from any computer or smart device, wherever you are and enjoy the best features of one single platform for internal and external communications.

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Build your future-fit communications system

From migrating to the cloud to supporting you on the journey of converged communications, you can rely on Telviva for mission critical business services. We pride ourselves on taking shared ownership of your uptime and always having an open and transparent supplier relationship with our customers.


1. Assessment

We assess your current network, software and hardware set-up, clearly outlining your requirements before solution design and costing.


2. Implementation

We meticulously plan and implement your tailor-made solution with minimal disruption to your business operations.


3. Service

You enjoy the peace of mind of high uptime, unrivalled call quality and superior business support.

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4. Transformation

We walk the journey of digital transformation with you to continually create, adapt and respond to new needs and market forces.

We seamlessly integrate with these leading network providers

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