Touchpoint Digital Engagement Platform

Meet the demands of always-on customers

Telviva Touchpoint is an inbound communication platform for contact centres or customer-facing teams. Touchpoint brings together multiple channels (web, social, voice and chat) into an easy to use, browser-based agent interface.

  • Enhance your customer’s service experience
  • Resolve customer queries faster and more efficiently
  • Improve productivity for contact centre agents, sales, finance or support teams.

Real-time IM Service for your business

Telviva Touchpoint provides a real-time instant messaging service for new and existing customers to your company.

Telviva Touchpoint Benefits

A multi-channel contact centre service

Using our end-to-end multichannel environment, Touchpoint can facilitate real-time user interaction between a company and its customers or suppliers, using any or all of the contact mediums of their choice. These include text and voice (online voice as well as traditional inbound and outbound calls). Touchpoint is actively developed according to customer requirements, therefore additional mediums could be developed.

Business Benefits

Touchpoint enables a more efficient solution to voice and is ideal for sales teams, help desks and finance departments. Touchpoint increases productivity and improves customer service with its easy to use live pop up chat window. The web-based platform also allows for instant reporting. Touchpoint is geographically independent, meaning, should you choose, you could have global agents servicing your customers around-the-clock.

Customer Benefits

The benefits for your customer are as great as the benefits to you. Apart from the free cost for your customer, Touchpoint also reduces the amount of time between your client contacting your business to being transferred to the correct department. This, coupled with the elimination of noisy office environments means a stress free and pleasant interaction between your call centre agent and your customer. Touchpoint is future proof, intuitive and easy to use.

Business Communication, Simplified.

A customer initiates contact from the applicable website that they are on, via a call to action button placed on the company website. The agent on the other side will then respond to the customer's chat request and the process of communication can begin via instant messaging. The customer will always be able to view the agent's status as they are notified when the agent is busy or typing a response. Once the customer has been assisted and is satisfied, the chat can be closed and the query can be resolved

Available Features:

  • Text chat [Compatible with all web browsers]
  • Voice chat [Compatible with Chrome and Firefox]
  • Inbound and outbound telephone calls
  • Predefined phrases
  • Call recording
  • Other channel types (i.e. WeChat)"

Real-time instant messaging service

Telviva Touchpoint provides a real-time instant messaging service for new and existing customers to your company