Network & Security

Access the Cloud with confidence

Telviva Network and Security ensures an excellent experience for your cloud-based services. Our vendor-agnostic approach and extensive partnerships give you unparalleled quality and flexibility:

  • The option of managed voice VOIPconnect(™), internet-only or voice and internet links
  • A wide access link footprint, using the best network partners at no additional cost to you
  • An end to end managed firewall offering
  • A variety of SD-WAN options

Network Systems for your Business

Telviva was born out of a deep understanding of the network layer. This critical component must be carefully considered and expertly provisioned to carry high quality voice. Telviva is able to create one voice network over a mixture of last mile circuits and converge data services on the same infrastructure.

Telviva Network Services

Primary Access

  • High quality, high capacity, voice access
  • Managed Data Network (optional)
  • Internet Breakout (optional)
  • PCI data transmission (optional)

Secondary Access

  • Failover voice access
  • Primary voice access for smaller branches
  • Low capacity managed data network for smaller branches
  • Limited capacity internet breakout for smaller branches

Telviva uses Vibe as a standard in our network design. Vibe allows us to monitor the quality of the network, streamline traffic, and manage fail over.

Telviva is compatible with these leading networks:

Network Services for your business

With our short term contract options and future proof design, you won’t get locked into obsolete PBX equipment.