Contact Centre

Enhance agent productivity and customer service

Telviva Contact Centre gives you a flexible, cost effective and fit for purpose contact centre solution:

  • Powerful monitoring, management and reporting tools accessible via a secure online dashboard
  • Integration into underlying company systems and databases
  • No unnecessary features or hidden consulting costs

Contact Centre Services for R495 per month

Why Telviva Hosted Contact Centre?

  • Is your business receiving a large volume of calls that your existing agents are unable to handle?
  • Does your business rely on customer service support, which means the duration of calls are longer?
  • Are you increasing the number of agents, expanding office space or moving premises?
  • Do you require real-time data on call traffic, lost calls, agent answer behaviour and other business metrics?
  • Do you require calls to be recorded?

Hosted Contact Centre Features

Our virtualised, distributed hosting infrastructure allows us to offer a flexible and seamless expansion to accommodate customers’ growth, whether it involves increasing the number of agents, expanding office space or moving premises. Telviva customers gain agility by taking on our hosted platforms. Simply unplug, move down the road and plug in again, provided there is quality connectivity.

Telviva Hosted Contact Centre Components

What equipment, network, and connectivity is compatible with Telviva Hosted Contact Centre?

Choose your preferred device from leading headsets, handsets, smartphones, PCs or tablets. Then let the connectivity team at Telviva help source and implement dual network links into your call center, giving you high availability access to the Telviva cloud.

How the Telviva Hosted Contact Centre system works:

As with our cloud PBX solution all the components are compatible across our cloud ecosystem.

Speak on the device of your choice. Telviva supports leading brands and operating systems.
Telviva handles the network design, availability checks, ordering and management of these networks. This is how we ensure that our clients receive the best price, and the best quality of service for their communication requirements. Using a circuit that was not ordered by Telviva is not recommended.

Telviva Contact Centre Features

PBX Call Recording
Includes comprehensive ‘search and listen’ on the web. Recording can be done for all calls, a percentage of calls, or on demand at the start of a call. Storage duration can be set for up to 365 days. NOTE: Call recording incurs additional costs for recording and storage.

Automatic call distribution (ACD) queues
Calls on high priority queues are delivered first.
Smart queue routing of incoming calls.

Flat File or Database Storage
Supports flat file or database storage.

Inbound, Outbound and Blended Call Handling
Using queues, dialer and automatic call distribution, you can have a blend of incoming or outbound calling.

Real-Time Monitoring
An extensive real-time wallboard is available for projectors/large screens.

Categorised Reporting
Reports by agent, location, queue/campaign or groups thereof

QueueMetrics monitoring and reporting
Compute over 150 metrics with this world-class call center reporting and real-time monitoring suite. Get real-time data on call traffic, lost calls, agent answer behavior, area codes, agent sessions and much more. You can also configure and report on your own business metrics.

IVRs and auto attendants
Messages for various options can be uploaded via the web interface – e.g. ‘One for sales, two for support.’ Remote changes can also be made through dialling into the IVR admin access number.

Virtual Telephones
Includes option to play position in queue (no queue priorities used}.

Measure Staff Activity
These indicate a busy status of other extensions. Useful for PAs and receptionists who use phones that facilitate multiple lines.

Secure Dashboard
Web access with configurable security for internal and external users.

Unlimited numbers of queues and campaigns.

Telviva Hosted Contact Centre Integrates With these Leading Communication Brands:

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