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Telviva is the market leader in cloud communications. We make it easy for businesses to have better quality conversations with their customers, staff and suppliers. Taking the time to understand unique business processes and challenges, we respond with intelligent communication solutions that enhance the way you work.

With Telviva, you get the tools you need to seamlessly engage through any screen, wherever you are. Our world-class cloud service framework delivers fast, stable and secure network access, resulting in exceptional customer service and conversations that are crystal-clear; with real-time context, speed and accuracy.

Telviva uses best-of-breed technology to leverage the benefits of the cloud. We’ve always been at the forefront of innovation and if there’s a better way to do something, we’ll find it. We’ve earned the trust of hundreds of large organisations because we partner with them to drive down their costs while enhancing their customers’ service experience. In the process, we’ve built the largest cloud free call community in South Africa.

Better quality conversations. All the time, every time.

The right fit for your multi-channel strategy

Telviva aggregates multiple modes of communication to make your business future-fit for the demands of always-on customers. Rely on an open and transparent supplier relationship to help you get where you need to be.

​Ease of interoperability

An open standards approach empowers you to access innovative cloud technology from a variety of providers, as and when you need it. Telviva plays well with other business support systems, empowering every touchpoint to be more customer friendly.

World-class managed service framework

We believe that a customer’s trust is the most precious currency we can earn. Our world-class service framework is how we consistently support our clients. We pride ourselves on the long-term customer relationships we’ve cultivated – some spanning more than a decade.

Senior Leadership Team

The pioneers of Internet Protocol PBX in South Africa, our hands-on team has deep experience and expertise in Internet Protocol technology development, traditional and cloud communications.

David Meintjes


David has been a key internet business player from the start, serving as FD, Commercial Director and CEO of UUNET SA – the first commercial ISP in South Africa. After UUNET he joined software development company Korbitec Holdings as COO.  David was also non-executive chairman of Connectnet for a period of 13 years ending 2019. From January 2010 he took up an operational role in the Telviva business to support its rapid growth phase. David is a qualified Chartered Accountant who holds a masters degree in Business Management from the University of Johannesburg. .

Stephen Davies


As one of the founders and pioneers of the commercial internet industry in South Africa, Stephen has an exceptional understanding of technology and its ability to solve real-world business challenges. With experience in developed and developing markets, he has been both a user of and key contributor to open-source projects. These have included the Linux kernel, audio/video applications (Mplayer, MythTV), and the Asterisk PBX and VoIP switch.

Rob Lith


Co-founding Connection Telecom in 2003, Rob is an ICT heavyweight and internet specialist who has been in the industry for the last 20 years. His lifelong interest in technology has contributed to an in-depth knowledge of internet markets, technology and products. Rob and Stephen Davies have been long-time collaborators since their days at Internet Africa – which then became UUNET, then WorldCom and now Verizon.

Our History


We deliver services to over 50 000 users across more than 2 000 sites. Valued customers include:

B-BBEE Status: Level 3

We have a certified B-BBEE Status: Level 3


Get the best network access that the market can offer with maximum redundancy. Overlay with VOIPconnect™ for superior voice quality and uptime. Telviva proudly works with: